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Photos by Nile Scott Studios

a little about me...

Hi! My name is Maeve Reilly, and I am a passionate theatre maker hailing from Abington, MA. I am currently pursuing a degree in Musical Theatre with a Specialization in Directing at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee, set to graduate in May 2023. When I'm not in class, I love taking on challenging baking projects, throwing parties for my loved ones, and exploring everything that Boston has to offer..

In my creative work, I am drawn to projects that explore the raw truths of the human experience. As a passionate actor, director, and casting enthusiast, I am committed to fostering inclusivity and accessibility in all of my projects. I am driven to create theatre that brings people together and fosters a sense of community.

I am proud to have recently made my directorial debut with a production of The Convent by Jessica Dickey at the Boston Conservatory's New Director's Festival. The experience was one of the most rewarding of my artistic career thus far, and only cemented my desire to pursue directing with even greater passion and dedication.

Looking ahead, I am eager to dive into my career headfirst and get involved with as many exciting projects as possible. I am confident that my enthusiasm, creative vision, and dedication to inclusivity will make me a valuable asset to any theatre company or project.

Photo by Sarah Katherine Lawless
Photo by Nile Scott Studios

video gallery


by Jessica Dickey

Directed by Maeve Reilly

Asst. Directed by Sophie Golay

"Boston Conservatory at Berklee musical theater senior Maeve Reilly directs The Convent by Jessica Dickey on March 7 & 8, 2023


A dark comedy about desire, devotion, and the deep truths of one's life, The Convent follows the story of a group of women go on a retreat to live like nuns in the Middle Ages and are baptized with 1980s pop, female mysticism, hallucinogens, and sex."

by Arthur Miller

Directed by Jacob Conley

Asst. Directed by Maeve Reilly


"Boston Conservatory at Berklee musical theater senior Jacob Conley reconsiders Arthur Miller's The Crucible on November 12 & 13, 2022


Audiences will be transported to an abbey-turned-asylum in Salem, Massachusetts; the year is 1967. The rumored whisper of witchcraft has engulfed the community in a violent mania, and as things burn hotter and hotter, underlying personal trouble adds fuel to the hellfire."

all production photos by Kaitlyn Herrick

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phone: 781-974-0832

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